“Only in men's imagination does every truth find an effective and undeniable existence. Imagination, not invention, is the supreme master of art as of life”.... Joseph Conrad



Currently Touring Film Festivals: STRINGS


Filmed 2021 - Released Summer 2022

Penny would sell her soul for a chance to be the world's greatest axe player.

Turns out....someone is ready to buy.

10 Wins - 12 Nominations



Peter is thinking to much. - please help him. - A story about wanting fame and prestige and how the world laughs at the ones who dream about it.

10 Wins - 12 Nominations

The Whole - 2017

A famous 80 year old female model reveals in front of a camera her torturous past.

7 Wins - 5 Nominations

Ramona - 2018

Penny would sell her soul for a chance to be the world's greatest axe player. Turns out....someone is ready to buy.

9 Wins - 7 Nominations

Strings - 2021


The Myth of Mathew:

A man stripped from all joy tries to makes sense of the absurd world.


Panza Loca:

Tenoch is a teenager who loves eating TORTAS and has a unique talent: He is a master soccer free kicker. To be part of his dream team, he needs to be fit. The problem is that he loses a little bit of his golden touch with every pound he sheds.


El Lloron:

DON FELIPE is a professional crier. Funeral homes pay him to cry amongst guests and other old ladies. After hearing a joke, he is unable to cry anymore, destroying his profession. Now he must find ways to re-learn the crying craft of his ancestors.


Rodrigo Moreno-Fernández Immigrant / Writer / Director



     Rodrigo Moreno-Fernández (Writer, Director, Producer, Editor) is based in southern Texas. After immigrating from Mexico in 2006, the self-taught filmmaker made his directorial debut with the indie feature THE WHOLE. He received the 'First Time Director Award.' from the London Independent Film Awards and the 'Best Screenplay Award' from the Reel East Texas Film Festival.

     His short films Ramona and Strings also received awards and accolades including The 2023 Best Texas Filmmaker at the Austin Revolution Film Festival and The Indie Spirt Award at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema in 2023.

    Rodrigo spent seven years as an illegal immigrant until he managed to secure deferred status during the Obama administration, allowing him to stay in Texas and work. Married with a three-year-old child with no papers or money, Rodrigo could not attend film school. He taught himself to film and tell stories by reading everything he could get his hands on and by listening to other filmmakers discuss their processes. Despite his struggles, he saved enough money to buy a second-hand camera, and he started making videos; for himself and later for those that might hire him for commercial work. Through this, he learned (by trial and error) how to light, shoot, and block actors, and he also learned to write scripts. Eventually, his commercial work began winning awards.
     One day he asked his wife permission to use their life savings to make a movie. She said yes, and from then on, became his producer. Together they managed to produce one feature film and two short narratives. Rodrigo's work has been programmed into festivals around the world. He recalls not having a work permit for his first invitation to a festival and could not confirm his attendance as director because of it. Today, he is proud to hold 22 awards for his work and, more importantly, to call himself a filmmaker.

Winner of 26 International Film Awards including 24 Nominations and 14 Times Finalist as a Screenwriter including Top 10% of the 2021 Academy Nicholl Fellowships Competition

Some awards include:


  • Best First Time Director - London IFA
  • 2023 Best Emerging Filmmaker - San Antonio Film Festival SAFILM
  • 2023 Texas Filmmaker of The Year - Austin Revolution FF
  • Best Screenplay / Short Film - REEL East Texas FF 
  • Three Time Best of The Fest - South Texas Underground FF
  • Best International Vanguard Short Film - Idyllwild IFC
  • Best Feature Film of The Year - Rockport FF
  • Best Dark Drama - Oregon Screams


  • Top 10% 2021 Academy Nicholl Fellowships Competition - The Myth of Mathew 

  • Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Feature Lab 2018 - The Myth of Mathew

  • Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2021 - The Myth of Mathew

  • Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2019 - The Myth of Mathew

  • Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Drama Competition 2018 - The Myth of Mathew

  • Finalist, The Golden Script Competition 2021 - Panza Loca
  • Finalist, Screenwriters Network - SWN Screenplay Competition Goldman Award - Panza Loca
  • Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab Fall 2021 - Panza Loca
  • Quarterfinalist, Outstanding Screenplays Shorts Competition 2021 - Panza Loca
  • Finalist, The Golden Script Competition 2022 - Strings
  • Quarterfinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Fall 2021 - Strings
  • Finalist, Outstanding Screenplays Shorts Competition 2021 - El Lloron
  • Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition 2022 - El Lloron
  • Quarterfinalist, The Golden Script Competition 2022 - El Lloron




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Story by Mia Rodriguez